After almost 4 years of sharing some of the world’s most amazing wildlife with over 180,000 guests we have decided to close Ventura Wildlife Park.

With the impacts of Coronavirus reaching all corners of the globe 2020 has been a tough year for many organisations. Like many wildlife organisations we have been faced with some serious questions regarding the long-term financial survival of our current operations, with limited guest numbers and more uncertainty on the horizon as we head into winter, we have decide it is time to say farewell.

Given the current global climate, the site we currently occupy offers far too many restrictions to allow Ventura Wildlife Park to flourish. Whilst our smaller size meant guests of all ages and abilities could easily get up close to a variety of different species, it now makes social distancing very difficult to safely implement. Current covid-19 restrictions combined with a site that is rented with several restricting conditions and a local council who are far from supportive of wildlife and conservation it makes the long-term viability of Ventura Wildlife Park impossible to secure.

Whilst we are sad to say goodbye, we must concentrate our efforts on conservation and the long-term goal of connecting people of all ages and abilities with wildlife.

All the animals from Ventura Wildlife Park will be safely transferred to other wildlife parks.


Some of our Highlights

Cuban Hutia

The only wildlife park in the UK to keep and breed the Cuban Hutia.


The only park to keep the red-rumped agouti in the UK.

History Making

First red kangaroos to be kept in Hertfordshire in over 150 years!

EEP for Fossa

First and only zoological collection in Hertfordshire to participate in the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) for Fossa.


Winners of the Hertfordshire Tourism Awards 2019 - Visit Herts & Family Holiday Association Special Award Supporter of the Year.


Reintroduction of recused and rehabilitated hedgehogs back into the surrounding Hertfordshire countryside in collaboration with Herts Hogline.


Supporting real life conservation through fundraising initiatives and fieldwork.


Supporting thousands of students each year through our extensive wildlife education programmes.


Over 180,000 visitors to date.